English Business Assistant

English business assistant Auxiliaire-patronal-Service-clef-main Slogan 21 oct 15After six months of English business training, I’m glad to inform you that I received a Cambridge University certificate (Business Language Test – BULATS) witch proved my capacities in reading/writing/speaking English.

I’m ready to assist you in English operations like :

  • Trade document, cost estimate, commercial contract, technological instruction, …
  • Business relationships to be better known by your top customers or main suppliers, …

I can organize visit or meeting in your company and your area (complete service or simple accompanying) with a particular way of doing with your guest.

A support from an Employer Assistant (Auxiliaire Patronal) to Firm’s Owners, during short or medium periods, to increase business.

If you need more information or explanation :

Call  06 26 77 67 90
Send a mail : contact@auxiliairepatronal.fr.

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